Thursday, January 23, 2014

Almost 12!

Wait, what? Let me say it again...Almost 12. No I'm not crazy or one of 'those' people who are denial of their age so they make up a younger age. Its about a month before my birthday and that marks the anniversary of the GREATEST decision a person can make. What was that decision? I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!!!!!

So there I was a confused teenager. Partying on Friday and drinking only half as much on Saturday so that I could wake up on Sunday and place my fake smile on and talk about all that God was teaching me that week. I read my bible everyday and even memorized scripture but neither of which affected my life outside of that hour each day. That summer I was challenged at a retreat to read my bible every single day, EVERY single day, and because I love challenges and to be stubborn I stuck with it. All of this brings me to my 18th birthday on February 19, 2002. I had friends over and there was drinking and I was pretty wasted and we were doing stupid things that people do when heavily drinking. I was literally have pepperoni wars with a guy friend...(one of my made up drunk games- two people throw pepperoni at a wall and see which one hits the ground first) and realized I forgot to read my bible. I ran from the basement and went in my bedroom, slammed the door and opened my bible. I remember this heavy feeling in my heart as I tore opened the bible. I started crying/bawling and remember thinking that I could no longer be these two completely different people and needed to decide. Was I going to be the party girl who does whatever she feels like OR be a Jesus girl who will put her life aside and live it out as HE wants and let HIM make the calls. I don't think I have to say which decision to have. OKAY I WILL- I decided to follow Jesus with wild abandon. Has it made sense? nope. Has it been easy? nope. Would I go back and change anything? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So as my birthday approaches I cannot help but smile and see how God has transformed (much better than the Megan Fox version...just sayin) my life into what it is now. Almost twelve years ago I would have never thought I'd be active in a youth group, teaching Sunday school and taking care of infants full time. Or to say that I drink probably once every other month and just a few drinks. I have so much to be grateful for.

So yes I do love my birthday. My birthday means more than becoming another year's proof that God can do amazing things when we step out of our own way. So yes I'm turning THIRTY and I'm single but that is how God has lead me and until He puts someone in front of me that is strong, confident and loves Jesus like I do that may change...maybe :)

Birthday cake and presents? meh, I'm excited to celebertate what God has done in my life. He has done a lot in my life and have so many blessings. He has placed so many gracious and patient people in my life. People who don't get (or want) the recognition they truly deserve.

If you are reading this then yes I'm typing with YOU IN MIND. Thank you and I cannot wait to see what God will do next with our friendship.

Love and Many Thanks,
Adolescent Christian and Nearly 30!

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